The Early Days

My name is Shomo “Shotime” Das and I am a competitive bodybuilder and professional fitness model. I participated in athletics ever since I was a very young boy. My favorite sports growing up included baseball, football, track and field, cross country, and Taekwondo. Track and field was my main sport throughout most of high school; I primarily ran the 800-meter dash. Taekwondo was my secondary athletic passion growing up (come on, who didn’t want to learn how to fight after watching The Karate Kid), and, over the course of a ten-year career, I obtained my second-degree black belt while placing favorably in several national level competitions. Music has also had a large influence on me throughout my life. Since stepping into my first formal piano class at the age of 6, I have learned how to play the alto saxophone, violin, drums, and guitar. I find writing music to be fun; it enables me to exercise my creativity!

I remember entering high school at the age of 14 weighing a whopping 85 pounds (no, I am not kidding). It was always rather difficult for me navigating through the social scene of a 1,600 member all boys private Catholic school. My high school placed great pride upon the school’s elite athletic program, and being the backup for the backup for the backup for the backup of the cornerback for the football team did not exactly give me the chance to shine within this arena! I was made fun of in the locker room. It didn’t feel very good. I always remember wishing that I were a bit more muscular so that I could excel in sports.

The Day That Changed Everything

I will never forget one experience of my life. I was grocery shopping one day with my mom and walked passed a section of magazines, where I saw Greg Plitt looking back at me from the front cover of a muscle magazine. I remember thinking to myself, “I want look like that guy!”. His musculature looked incredible and I remember seeing picture after picture of him next to beautiful girls. This guy was living the life! As I thumbed through the magazine, I encountered guides that promised to help me increase the size of my chest, arms, shoulders, legs, everything! I went back home, scouring the Internet for more information. I was hooked. The very next day my dad took me to a local gym to sign me up for my very first membership. When touring the free weights section, I remember only being able to curl the ten pound dumbbells. I immediately began following a good training program and a healthy diet. I quickly started to notice my physique changing in front of my eyes. I gained a great deal of confidence and, for the first time, realized that I had full control over my life! A simple hobby evolved into my biggest passion.

Taking it a step further, after 6 years of hard training and dieting, I competed in my first bodybuilding show, where I won my Men’s class and qualified for the NPC USA national championships. It felt exhilarating. With a bit of experience and success under my belt, I started to help people of all different body types, all with different goals and dreams in fitness. I started to run a few boot camps, training large groups of people and helping them to change their lives.

The Vision

So far, I have motivated and inspired tens of thousands of people around the world through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, BodySpace, Twitter, and other social media outlets. From these networks, I’ve receive thousands of questions regarding my training, diet, and philosophy. This was my motivation for creating Shomo Shotime Fitness. I have dedicated myself to the gym since 2008, training hard, following a strict diet, and becoming the artist of my physique. During this time, I have learned how to create efficient and effective programming. My specializations include gaining muscle, losing body fat, and strength training. Vast experience in this sport has given me the ability to work with clients from all different backgrounds, experiences, lifestyles, and goals. No matter what your goals may be, I can help you achieve them and would love to take you on board the team to help YOU get to where YOU want to go in fitness!

My goal in life is to positively impact as many people as I possibly can. I want to inspire and empower people to better their physiques, but I also encourage people to have a holistic view of life. I want your experience with fitness to empower you not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. This evolution has been an incredible experience for me, an experience that I want to share with all of you. Join me on my journey to change the world with fitness. It’s Shotime. Bang Bang.

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