Elite Training + Diet Coaching

Welcome to the big leagues, folks. The Rolls Royce of fitness programs. The Rolex of transformation packages. This is it.

This is not for just anybody. This is a package geared toward those who are truly committed to achieving their goals in fitness.

During your training block, I will personally work with you and provide:

–  An initial assessment of your body type, current nutrition protocol, training methodologies, supplement use, and lifestyle

–  A diet plan broken out meal by meal

–  An exercise regimen complete with unique and effective exercises

–  A supplement protocol

–  Unlimited email/phone/Skype support and weekly progress check-ins (at which point your program will be tuned up)

–  Free entry into periodic apparel, gadget, and supplement giveaways

All of which are personalized and specific based on your body, lifestyle, and desired results.

For maximum impact, save today's date and take a photo of yourself. I can't wait to show your transformation to the world.

(Keep an eye on your inbox upon purchase. You will receive a form from me within 24 hours)