Timing Carbohydrate Intake to Maximize Muscle Building

It is no secret that nutrient timing will affect the amount of muscle you are able to pack on throughout your career. Proper nutrition does not only encompass making smart food selections, but also refers to timing these food selections appropriately in order to induce desirable bodily responses. Many conventional “experts” attempt to blame carbohydrates for causing layers upon layers of fat to build up throughout the body, but we all know that carbohydrates are one of the most essential components to any diet when utilized properly. Without carbohydrates, you would not have the energy to run, lift, bike, swim, or even make it up tall flights of stairs! But when exactly should you be timing your carbohydrates in order to ensure that you attain the best results for muscle building?

Upon Waking

We do not like cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that negatively affects muscle gains by raising glucose levels and reducing levels of protein synthesis in the body. Assuming that you have been sleeping for several hours overnight, you will experience increased expression of cortisol levels in the morning. Carbohydrates help immensely with lowering and managing level of cortisol expression, so it can be wise to consider timing carbohydrates in this timeframe in order to reduce levels of cortisol expression that were built up while you were sleeping.

Before Working Out

You need energy in order to be able to push through a workout. Carbohydrates do an excellent job of supplying this needed energy and are an excellent choice to turn to about an hour before exercising for this reason. Consuming carbohydrates in this window will do much to ensure that you are performing at optimal levels in the gym with respect to both strength and endurance. Try implementing slow digesting carbs in this window if you have noticed that you feel sluggish during training and make note of the difference in your performance post-carbohydrate implementation.

After Working Out

If you want to really ramp up the muscle building process, it is essential to consume carbohydrates post-workout. However, the carbohydrates you consume in this timeframe are not the same as those recommended before working out. Try consuming fast digesting carbohydrates in this window in order to both spike your body’s insulin levels and driving amino acids from your bloodstream into your muscles.

Learn how your body responds with the manipulation of this powerful tool and you will be well on your way towards reaching your goals!

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