Standing Reverse EZ-Bar Cable Curl

Position yourself for this exercise by standing in front of a pulley machine (at its lowest setting) with an EZ-Bar attachment in place. Pick up the EZ-Bar attachment (hands on the wide outer handle) and place it against your upper thigh as you stand up in order to assume the starting position. Your palms should be facing downwards (this is known as a pronated grip). In order to execute the movement, keep your upper arms stationary as you contract your bicep muscles in order to raise the bar until it reaches shoulder level. Ensure that your upper arm, legs, and torso are completely stationary, as the forearms are the only body part that should be moving. Once the bar reaches shoulder level, squeeze your bicep muscles briefly before slowly lowering the weight back to the starting position. Repeat for the prescribed number of repetitions.

This particular variation of the reverse curl is excellent for providing a particularly good squeeze at the top of the movement.

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