Donkey Calf Raises

If you have access to a donkey calf raise machine, you should start by positioning your lower back and hip region underneath the padded region of the apparatus. The contact point between your body and the machine should be directly at your tailbone. Put your arms on the side handles of the machine with the balls of your feet on the provided block. Your heels should be hanging off of the block at this point. Keep your knees straight and locked as you begin the exercise. Raise your heels into the air by extending your ankles and flexing your calf. Once at the top of the motion, contract your calf muscles and hold the position briefly before slowly going back down to the starting position by lowering your heels. Stretch out your calves as far as possible at the bottom of the repetition. Repeat for the prescribed number of repetitions.

If you do not have a donkey calf raise machine in your gym (most gyms these days do not), then you can perform this exercise so long as you have access to a block and a sturdy apparatus that you can hang on to. In this case, you could use a person (seated on your lower back) as resistance for the exercise.

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