Barbell Overhead Press

Begin by placing a barbell in a squat rack at about chest level. Once appropriate weight has been added to the barbell, use a pronated grip (this is where the palms are facing forward) to grab the barbell at a comfortable grip that is wider than shoulder width. Slightly bend the knees as you place the barbell on your collarbone and lift it out of the squat rack by laying it across your upper chest. Take on step back and position your feet at about one shoulder widths distance from each other. Lift the bar up and over your head, fully locking out the elbows. At this point, the barbell should be slightly in front of your head. Then, slowly return the bar to the collarbone before performing another repetition. After completing the prescribed number of repetitions, return the bar to the squat rack by walking it in while it is lowered to your collarbone.

This exercise can be performed seated as well, which may help alleviate pain for those athletes who have lower back injuries.

This exercise can also be performed by lowering the bar behind the head. However this variation is not recommended for athletes who have shoulder problems. A great deal of stress is placed on the rotator cuff due to the hypertension created by lowering the bar in this fashion.

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