Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press

The close grip bench press motion is quite similar to that of the barbell bench press, however, since the hands are positioned close to one another, the muscle activity takes place primarily in the triceps instead of the chest. This exercise can be varied by using dumbbells (palms facing each other) or by using the inner handles of an E-Z bar. The following instruction is given assuming the use of a barbell.

Lying back on a flat bench press, use a close grip (approximately shoulder width) in order to grab the barbell. After unracking the barbell, come down slowly until the bar touches the middle of your chest. Throughout this descent, try to make sure that you are keeping your elbows as close to your torso as you possibly can (do not let them flare). This will ensure that you are maximizing tricep stimulation. After the bar touches your chest, utilize your tricep muscles in order to press the barbell upwards until your triceps are once again locked out. Repeat the movement for the prescribed number of repetitions before racking the bar.

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