3 Key Tactics To Improve Sleep

Everyone knows how important it is to get sleep. Sleep is the only way that us fitness fanatics can recover from grueling weights sessions and tiring cardio workouts. However, polls have shown that over 58% of adults in the United States experience sleeping difficulty over at least a few nights a week. Sure, a lot of these “studies” and “polls” spout out BS statistics, but there’s no denying that each of us knows several folks who have trouble getting good nights of rest. So, to help you all out, I’ve listed a few ways that you can ensure that you are getting the proper sleep that you deserve so you can put on the muscle that you want.

Control Lighting

You have to make sure that you are able to create a comfortable sleeping environment. It will be impossible for you to get proper sleep if you have lights flashing on your computer, a cell phone periodically blinking and going off, or even a glaring alarm clock light beaming on your face all night. Make sure that your sleeping environment is as dark as possible so that your body can get into “sleep mode”. First things first: turn off your computer, ensure that all unnecessary lights are turned off, and turn your bedroom into the most cave-like setting that you can!


Dogs barking outside. Trains speeding past your bedroom window. Squeaky fans creating an uproar just a few feet above your head. No wonder you’re not getting any sleep! If you want proper rest, be sure to block out as much noise as possible. If there are certain noisy factors that you can’t control, go out and invest in a pair of ear plugs. When your environment is as quiet as it possibly can be, it will be so much easier for you to drift away and relax.

Get Sleepy

Make your activities before bed as mindless as possible. I’m sure you have all sat there late at night watching a great movie before realizing what time it was. You jump off of the couch and hop into bed, only to spend the next few hours thinking about how great the movie was, how terrible that actor was, how great the special effects were, etc. Spend the 15-30 minutes before bed just getting sleepy. Personally, I like to meditate; it is certainly a great habit to get into, especially if you lead a fast-paced or stressful life. If you can learn how to make yourself sleepy before bed, you have already won half of the battle.

I hope my tips are helpful for you! Don’t forget to establish a good nighttime routine (brushing your teeth, taking your vitamins, etc.). Keep everything simple and effortless. If you try really hard to get to sleep, it will actually make it harder to do so (counterintuitive, I know). Make a few easy changes and you will be well on your way towards getting good sleep and realizing all of the great fitness related benefits that sleep has to offer.

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